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Coronation Travel  hosts guided tours to UK including a visit to the working ITV sets of Corrie, where you can experience watching a taping of a scene.

Two tours in 2018, in August x 6 days for the budget minded & September x 12 days for the in-depth UK experience click on the poster above for their web site for more info.

Pictou NS deCoste Centre Wednesday May 30th at 7:30 PM

Get the Scoop on the Corrie UK tour from the fun folks who run it: Coronation Travel is holding information session on Sunday March 18th at 7PM Atlantic time, talking about the specific itineraries of these two great tours to the UK and Coronation Street.
Here is the link to register:
You must register in advance for this webinar:


Summerside PEI Harbourfront Theatre Tuesday May 29th at 7:30 PM.

Coronation St. Legend William Roache MBE

Celebrating 57 years of 'The Ken Barlow Effect'   

Visiting Canada starting in May 2018.

Show title: Coronation St. Legend William Roache MBE, 'The Ken Barlow Effect'
Canadian appearances listed here are produced by Stroll Promotions Ltd.

To fans of the world's longest-running television drama,

William Roache MBE simply is Coronation Street.
Roache has played Ken Barlow for more than 57 years,

ever since the first episode of Corrie premiered Dec. 9, 1960.

His portrayal of the often-conflicted patriarch of the troubled Barlow clan—a frustrated intellectual with a lifelong way with women—has earned accolades and numerous awards.
It's made Roache one of Britain's most-beloved actors, a TV titan whose popularity is impossible to overstate among the loyal followers of the kitchen-sink drama seen in dozens of countries and airing weeknights and Sunday mornings in Canada on CBC.

This intimate one-on- one onstage interview allows William Roache to give fans a rare glimpse into his personal life. Audiences will be enthralled as he shares stories about his experiences on the famous set, the plot-lines and the actors he has worked with over five decades, many of whom are equally adored by loyal audiences.

This is a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity for an audience with true Coronation Street royalty and no fan will want to miss it.

In addition to show tickets,
William will meet & greet a very limited number of VIP fans whose tickets will wrap the best seats in the house, the full show and a post-show M&G with William.

For those Canadian fans who saw William's one man stand up show on tour in 2012, this is a much different show , this is full on interview with stage host Neville MacKay, the interview was crafted by writers familiar with Bill's story-lines.

This will truly be a remarkable evening of Corrie history & legend. If you like Corrie you'll love this show.

Halifax at the SPATZ Theatre Monday May 28th at 7:30 PM

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