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“The Devil Said Shake” Album
This album contains different styles of songs, and Lisa does them all equally well. Good Job Gal - Keep Rockin'

Wanda Jackson, Original 1950’s Rock’n’Roll Legendary Artist


“Blue-Eyed Rockabilly Boy”CD Single
What a great opening riff – let’s hear that one more time…!”
Geoff Barker on playing ‘Blue-Eyed Rockabilly Boy’ on BBC Radio’s Rock’n’Roll Party Show

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The Factory Girls 'Beth & Sinead' Tour 2018 has completed. We hope you enjoyed the shows. Lisa & Katie had a fab time & wish to thank us in Canada for being BIG Corrie fans. Cheers 

Fun Fact: Lisa George (Beth) is a music recording artist in the Rockabilly genre, she has several works on the market. Scroll down for a sample taste & more info. How cool is that! 


The Factory Girls Tour Crew Wrap Photo Winnipeg 2018. 

​(L-R) John, Katie, Andrew, Lisa & Linda. 

In Winnipeg Sept 28th 2018, Stroll Promotions Ltd. Celebrated our 100th

In Canada Corrie show.  

Here's Katie & Lisa helping us cut the VIP cakes. 

Many Many thanks to those who assisted us get to this milestone , all our hosts, navigators, driver & venue staffers both past & present. Cheers. 

Most importantly a BIG THANKS all the Corrie fans who supported us in the past 10 years.

You are the reason we do this. 

Have a lovely winter & see you on the road in 2019. 

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