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Stroll Promotions is an event promotion and touring production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our primary focus has been touring artists from the long-running television series Coronation Street, on regional and national tours of Canada. To date, we have produced 90+ shows over 13 tours. Each show requires an extensive international network of artists, hosts, PR companies, advertisers, investors, accountants, talent buyers, stage service vendors and road managers. The list is endless, all of which is brought together by Stroll Promotions on a project-by-project , market specific basis. 

We draw great intrinsic value from the BEST fans in Canada who, with their feedback and support, make them the most integral part of the team. They define us as to who we are and how we find the energy to visit far and wide. The end goal is to join us all together for a collective fun time while making some memorable times with cool Coronation Street stars. Hope to see you on the road soon!

We can be sourced to conduct tours for your talent into Canada, we can handcraft a single show, or a national tour. If your talent is based outside Canada we have a decade of experience of taking care of the logistics of visiting shows into Canada.

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Andrew Stuckless, Stroll Promotions Ltd. Twitter:@strollpro

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